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"I have been in the ankle monitoring business for going on five years now and have been with Electronic Resource Associates since 2009. Lani Johnson has made my life must easier with constant communication when needed and always following through with all of my needs. I highly recommend ERA to any person in the business or looking to start in this business."

Vince M.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your staff over the last year. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or what day of the week that I need your assistance, you answer my call or return it within a few minutes. You offer a solution and try to help me whether it is a billing or shipping problem. Thank you for the polite and courteous manner in which you conduct your business. I look forward to a continued relationship in the coming years."

Dale C.


"I can't say enough about the terrific service I get from ERA. I know I can call on Lani Johnson anytime, including a weekend or at night and she always takes care of whatever issue I have. I am very comfortable with ERA as my GPS provider. ERA gives me the confidence to deal with the my customers knowing that what I promise them myself, ERA will come through with."

John O.


"I could not be more pleased with your assistance in monitoring my most at risk bail bond clients. ERA has proven their value time and time again moreover if a prospective client is considering electronic monitoring...ask them to call me. There is only one choice; ERA and sleep well at night."

Brian D.

“Having been in the bail bond industry for over “30 years”, and at times finding ourselves faced with a bail bond that needs just a bit more security, or a high risk bond or a large bond, we have found ourselves using and enjoying the comfort of utilizing a GPS Ankle Monitor from Electronic Resource Associates electronic monitoring. Not only is their 24 hour a day Customer Service a great partner in our business, their firm understanding of the bail bond industry is a great asset. In fact I can attest that we have increased our production due to the use of the GPS Ankle Monitors from Electronic Resource Associates.”

Topo P.

"Lani Johnson has been the best representative I have ever worked with. She is always available and completely thorough and follows thru with completion of any request myself or my staff make. My unit replacements and supplies are shipped promptly and she helps with tech support 7 days a week if needed. I have the same to say for ERA. The tech support and units made available are always perfect. I hope to continue my relationship with ERA and grow as they grow in this industry."

Ned P.


"The support and overall assistance our company receives from the Electronic Resource Associates, LLC. (ERA) has been very professional and timely. Their knowledge and professional approach to all our questions is always helpful. Great Support!!!"

Herb M
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