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printLMU-2500 GPRS

Fleet Tracking Unit with Superior GPS Technology

LMU 2500

Key Benefits:

- Economically priced device
- Superior GPS quality
- Highly configurable
- Built-in antenna option for easy installation
- Built-in motion sense and alerting
- Driver Identification with affordable Dallas keys
- Automatic, over-the-air configuration on power-up
- Automatic, over-the-air firmware download
- Simple, easy to use, diagnostic tools

The ultra-sensitive GPS-based LMU-2500 fleet tracking unit is unrivaled in its class with
next generation GPS technology at an economical price.

Competitive Price, Competitive Technology, Competitive Edge
The MU-2500 is a robust fleet device you can count on for standard AVL applications.The
LMU-2500 incorporates GSM wireless communication and extra sensitive GPS in an
affordable package. It's built with quality components to deliver unrivaled performance
to meet the high reliability requirements of always-on tracking. Hlgh-sensitivity GPS and
an internal antenna option means the device can be mounted virtually anywhere for less
expensive installation.

The LMU-2500 features an advanced on-board alert engine that monitors vehicle
conditions giving you the most flexible tracking device in its class. The PEG ™
(Programmable Event Generator) application suppork hundreds of customized
exception-based rules to help meet customers' dynamic requirements. Combining
affordability and device intelligence with your unique application can give you distinct
advantages over your competition.

Over-the-air Servicability
Configuration parameters, PEG rules, and firmware can all be updated over the air. Our
web-based maintenance server, PULS™, offers out-of-the-box hands free configuration
and automatic post-installation upgrades. You can also monitor unit health status across
your customers'fleets to quickly identify issues before they become expensive problems.

Complete Product Line
The economical LMU-2500 is a new addition to the LMU product line of tracking devices
used by government, Fortune 100, and small fleets since 1998. When more robust
features or different networks are required, the fully featured LMU-4100 can be selected
instead. No further integration or support is required. And since PULS and PEG are offered
on all LMU devices you can address customer requirements with confidence knowing
that you have an industry-leading product line supporting your application.

Key Features:

  • GPRS and SMS-Based Messaging
  • High Sensitivity GPS (-160 dBm)
  • Integrated Motion Sense
  • Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification
  • 5,000 Buffer4 Messages
  • 32 Built-in Geo-fences
  • PEG TM Exception-Based Rules
  • Automatic, Over-TheAir Unit configuration on Powerup (PULS ™)
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Download (PULS ™)
  • Web-Based Device Management (PULS ™)

Optional Features:

  • Driver ID with 1 -Wire® protocol
  • Temperature Sensing via 1 -Wire® protocol
  • Backup Battery
  • External GPS and Cellular Antennas
  • Internal GPS and Cellular Antennas
  • NMEA Serial Cable
  • External A/D input

Development Support Options:

  • Customized Software Features Available on Request
  • Custom Development Available on Request

LMU-2500 GmS Specifications

General Specifications   Electrical Specifications
Cornmunlcatlon Modes
Location Technology
OperatlnQ Voltage
GPRS packet data and SMS
50 Channel GPS (with WASS)
6-32 VDC
  Operating Voltage
Power Consumption
      Active Standby
      Network Conected Sleep
      Deep Sleep
6-32 VDC

< 75 mA @ 12V
< 20 mA @ 12V
< 3 mA @ 12V
Location Specifications   Physical Specifications
Locatlon Technolow
Location Accuracy
Tracking Sensttivity
In-vehicle mapping
SO Channel GPS (with WASS)
3 meter CEP (with SA off)
-160 dBm (tracking)
NMEA GPS output
Status LEDs
51 x 102 x 24 mm
2.0 x 4.0 x 0.93 inches
74g (external), 82g (internal)
GPS and Cellular
GSM Specifications   Environmental Specifications
Data Support
Quad Band
Output Power
FCC- Parts 22, 24; PTCRB
Up to class 12
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
850 (Class 4) 2W
900 (Class 4) 2W
1800 (Class 1) 1W
1900 (CIass 1) 1W
  Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Shock and Vibration
-30 to +75 C
-40 to +85 C
95%RH @ 50°C non-condensing
U.S. Mllitary Standards 202G and 810F,SAE J1455
SAE J1113; FCC-Part 15B; Industry Canada
Comprehensive I/O   Connectors, SIM Access
Relay Driver Outputs (150 mA)
A/D Inputs
1-Wire ® Interface
Status LEDs
Power harness
2 (1 internal, 1 external)
Driver ID
Temperature Sense
GPS and Cellular
Included with Two (2) 3A Fuses
  SIM Access
External GPS
External Cellular
I/0, power, programming
SMA (with tamper monltorlng, 3 V)
20 pin Molex-type fused power harness


Standard Tie-wrap or Adhesive
Screw Mount Tamper-resistant / Tamper-evident Bracket

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