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Home Curfew RF Monitoring System 3000

Home Curfew RF Monitoring System 3000

We are pleased to offer Attenti’s Home Curfew RF Monitoring System 3000 with voice communication. The system utilizes advanced monitoring technology as an effective curfew compliance tool. Participants are fitted with a 2-Way Bracelet, capable of vibration upon non-compliance, assigned a Base Unit 3000, and managed through Attenti’s EM Manager software.

The radio frequency technology tethers the Bracelet attached around the participant to a Base Unit 3000 installed in the participant’s home. Through EM Manager, users establish and modify curfews, grace periods, officer contacts, and notification protocols. One of the benefits of using Attenti’s system is that RF and GPS participants are both managed through the same simple web-based software.

Key Features

  • 2-Way Bracelet – vibrates to notify participant of curfew violations.
  • Voice Communication – the handset simplifies two-way communication between participants and Probation staff.
  • Multiple Connection Methods – connects via cellular or landline providing redundancy if the primary connection is unavailable.
  • Patented Strap Design – Attenti has patented a light-focusing technology that maximizes the ability to detect strap tampers and bracelet removals.
  • Customizable System – wide range of configurable options enables customization at the department, division, officer, and participant level.
  • Supporting Software – EM Manager provides integrated monitoring, case management, reporting, inventory management, and range testing.
  • Mobile EM Manager – allows users to perform essential RF monitoring functions while in the field.
  • Extended Storage Capacity – records and stores up to 30 days’ worth of events.

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